Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Get Glowing with Wine Facial

Someone has said that wine is not meant to be drink, its supposed to be experienced. This didn't make any sense to the listeners then, but the current generation has the clue of what the saying was all about.

Facials have been an integral part of beauty therapies for a long time. Women visited beauty parlors to have a cream, fruit, gold, silver & pearl massage. Little did they know that soaking their face with wine would give them a look they've always yearned for.There are not enough spas & beauty parlors that offer you wine facial. There are only selected parlors offering you this facility.

A wine facial is much more than an indulgent treat for your facial tissues. Your face is thoroughly steamed & cleansed. After getting through with this routine, the face is massaged with a blend of fine wine, herbs, exotic fresh fruit & a special blend of essential oils.There are trained therapists who carry out the facial. The wine to be used is selected, keeping in mind the quality of an individual's skin after a detailed consultation.Most wine facial spas use fine quality wines such as French, Spanish & California varieties. Sensitive skin gets Rose wine treatment, as this category of wine is mild.

Benefits:A wine facial is very effective in eliminating the dead cells and enhancing blood circulation. It adds amazing glow to the skin and rejuvenates, hydrates & de-stresses the skin. It also curbs pigmentation of the skin & helps in the reversal of tanning.A wine facial takes an hour to complete. It is the best treatment for pigmentation, dull or dry & tanned skin, if taken once a week.
So, don't wait more, go for a vinotherapy & enjoy the magic all over your face.

Do At Home : Honey, Red wine facial mask

In red wine acid, can promote skin metabolism, dilute the pigment, so that the skin is more white, smooth. Honey has a moisturizing and nourishing functions. Easy for people allergic to alcohol, it is necessary to pay attention to it.
Practice: one small cup of red wine ,add aloe vera gel and add 2-3 spoons of honey to the state after thick, deposited evenly in the face,let it be there for 10 minutes and after that rinse with warm water.

Products Available in Market

Eminence Quince and Ice Wine Masque
Eminence Tokay Ice Wine Masque


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