Best Moisturizer In Indian Market

Well my search for best moisturizer is finally over,the best one I have tried till date is ponds active moisture,lightweight and just perfect for my sensitive skin.I apply it at night,and my skin feels a lot lot better than before.Believe me I have tried every product in market lakme,clarins,loccitone,but so far this one suits my skin the best.The pond's pink cream is not so great though,much like some vanishing cream.

The best night cream at the high end is estee lauder range.I have tried advance night repair and that's the best one,which makes your skin smooth with the glow.It takes 20-25 days to see the effect though.

The best pimple relief cream is shah clove by shehnaz husain even better than clarins pimple range,and others.Apply on the pimple for 2-3 days and it'll be gone.No marks whatsoever.

The best sunscreen is no doubt Neutrogena sensitive skin sunblock,followed by clarins.Try it! You'll see the difference.The best sunblock for body is Cetaphil sunblock(recommended by even doctors)

The best lip balm so far is loccitone shea butter.

The best cold cream is pond's cold cream.

The best foot care range is from vlcc and body shop.

Have tried many shampoos and conditioner,still not very satisfied with all of them.Maybe kerastase should do the magic..Any comments about your best shampoos?I have damaged hair.


Curl Your Hair At Home

 The adorable curls are liked and loved by everybody.How many times I have wished I had those spiral curls and waves. The girls who have them are so lucky.

How to get curly hair permanently??

1)If you have straight hair and you want them to be curly a permanent solution is get a perm done at your nearest parlour.It stays for 1-1.5 years depending on your growth of hair.

I have done perm at the parlours thrice,and it has long damaging effects if you dont take proper care during the duration you have those curls.

How to get temporary curls??

1)Hot Rollers : The best method is use hot rollers,as the girls we get are more defined and spiral.If you are using a hot rollers, do not wet your hair as the hot steam may damage your hair. Do read the safety instructions on hot rollers.

2)Curling Irons : I have personally used this and it takes a lot of effort trying to curl a group of strands until all the hair you want is curled.The curls comes out as wavy hair,not as defined as the hot rollers.Please read instructions before using this.The curls dont stay that long,may be half a day or suitable for an occasion.

3)Straighteners:Curls can be created by twisted the straightener.

Spray hair with a heat protectant spray so that your hair does not burn. Divide your hair into five sections. Clamp the straightener on one section near the scalp. Now twirl the straightener inwards making the hair take a U turn. Run the straightener slowly down the hair shaft till the end. Repeat with other sections. Spray some hair spray on your curls to make them last longer.

4)Foam Roller : The best way to get defined curls is put on the foam roller on the group of little wet hair strands,twist.Leave it overnight,for the curls to stay for the day.

Place the foam curler beneath one thick lock of hair. Roll the lock around the curler tightly and start rolling the curler up from inside. Once you reach the scalp hold the hair with curler securely with a bobbing pin. Repeat these steps with the other locks. Use smaller rollers on the side and front of the face and larger rollers at the back. Blow dry your hair and keey the curlers on as long as possible.

5)French Braid :Make a little tight french braid starting from the front of face to the end of your last strand in your wet hair.Leave overnight.In the morning you have those best beautiful curls.

Products In Market:



Homemade Caviar Face Masks

Caviar is fish eggs,a source of omega3.Caviar is a Delicacy.The high oil and protein content of the sturgeon eggs is believed to be very good for the skin.Angelina Jolie has started rubbing caviar into her skin to stay looking young since 2007.Use this caviar facial mask 1-2 times a week and get compliments all the time!

Homemade Caviar Nourishing Face Mask Recipe

After Effects:This salmon caviar homemade face mask improves face color, nourishes and makes the skin soft.Use a face mask twice a week.

Homemade Caviar Mask Ingredients:
1 tbsp. salmon caviar
1 tbsp. nourishing cream
Mix raw caviar with one tablespoon of your favorite nourishing cream until a fine paste.
Clean your face with a gentle Cleanser to open the pores and let the mask to penetrate deeply into your skin.
Apply the mask on your face and neck. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes. Remove with warm water.

Homemade Red Caviar Facial Mask for Dry Skin
After Effects:Smooth glowing skin

Homemade Red Caviar Facial Mask Recipe

1 tbsp. raw caviar
1 tsp. olive oil
Mix raw caviar with one teaspoon of olive oil in a small bowel until well blended.
Apply the mask on your face and neck with your finger tips. Leave it on for 20 minutes.
Rinse off well with lukewarm water.

Homemade luscious Caviar facial mask Recipe:

4 ounces of red caviar
24 ounces of sour cream

Simply mix 4 ounces of red caviar with 24 ounces of sour cream. That’s it! Your dip can now double as a luscious facial mask. The only problem is that you will have to restrain yourself from licking off your facial.

Products In Market:

La Praries's Skin Caviar range
Pevonia Botanica Caviar Range


Homemade Bleach For glowing skin:Products

The regular use of the bleach effects you in the long run,but we all use it from time to time.Instead we can make our own homemade bleach that work wonders for your skin,it might not give you instant result,but it will surely help you with retaining your skin texture and elasticity and of course in long you'd have a smooth glowing skin.Do not forget to use sunscreen daily to avoid getting tanned.

 -Mix nutmeg powder,curd and multani mitti for initial 15 days:You'll see a difference in your skin.I've tried it,and make it a habit to use it daily.

 -Mix mashed cherries and curd,help smoothen skin and bleach as well.Yoghurt is a natural bleaching agent.

 -For those who are not allergic to using lemons on their skin,lemons dont suit most of the sensitive skin types.Use lemon and local honey for the bleach with the glow.

 -My mom's recipe for glowing and clean skin: Boil few dry orange peels in water,let it soften and then use the soft wet peels back and forth on your face.

 -If you've dry skin,use equal parts of honey and almond soaked over night.

 -If you've dry skin,2 tbsp gram flour, 1/2 tsp lemon, 1/2 tsp milk cream, plus a pinch of turmeric.

For instant effect(might be harmful)

 -1 tbsp bleaching powder, ½ tbsp hydrogen peroxide, plus a few drops ammonia.

 -2 tsp fuller's earth, 1 tsp 20 volumes peroxide, 6 drops of ammonia.

Products available in the market:

 -Try Kaya Skin Radiance at their outlets

 -Try Estee Lauder skin brightening range/advanced night repair/cyber white range,works wonders!

 -Try Meladerm Cream  

 -Try body shop skin whitening range

Best Sunscreen available:

 -Neutrogena sunscreens

 -Cetaphil sunscreen

 -clarins sunscreen
 -shiseido sunscreen

diwali paper lanterns and lamps - how to

Start to make a beautiful paper lantern for Diwali :Here's how to get started

Making of traditional round lanterns

1)step 1

2)step 2

3)step 3

4)step 4

Making a lantern with a soda can

Put a candle inside,please dont make it when the can contains soda :) wash thoroughly dry and then make.

The Nature's Co Review

The Nature’s Co endeavours, with its ranges and its stores, to spread a wholesome, holistic natural experience.

Personally i have tried white lily body lotion,and i have used it for face as well.The lotion is so light,you can hardly feel you applied anything,and it has a sweet delicate smell,perfect for senstive skin.I apply it at night,after cleansing and in the morning i have baby soft skin.Till now,i havent had any rashes or acne,as with other night cream lotions etc.Must have for people with sensitive skin.I recommend it to neone,who has dry sensitive skin,yet they resist putting mosturizer due to reactions.This one is surprisingly mild.It contains olive oil,white lily,vit e,glycerin.A must try!

Yet to try some more products from their range,have already tried the coffee scrub and the body lotion,both of them are excellent products.I found it even better than clarins gentle night cream or body shop.Body shop do have some nice hair products,but somehow,their range for skin doesnt suit me much,have even tried the aloe range from body shop,but broke out badly.

Their range comprise of 5 elements:

Inspired by pure air this range pays tribute to the soothing and calming feeling that comes from the purity found in the atmosphere. The oxygenating process of the products in this range makes your skin breathe, thereby leaving you feeling pure and almost floating on air.

Inspired by the sun, the biggest star in our solar system. Like the sun, the products provide nourishment. But at the same time, they protect, especially against harmful radiation and its effects. Setting you up with the sparkle and energy to face the day.

The enchanted forest and all it holds is captured in this range. Brimming with colourful, exotic ingredients, strong, captivating fragrances and the goodness and variety that only a natural forest can provide.

Of the earth and by the earth, this range is an embodiment of the earth and all the nurturing properties that are found in its soil, minerals and mud. Enriching and reviving.

The abundance of the oceans and rivers and all they hold find expression here. The rich aquatic & coastal ingredients in these products, like moss, red algae and seaweed hydrate and replenish while invigorating and refreshing your day.


Hair Pack for damaged Hair

After perming my hair twice and colouring it thrice,i had the most brittle hair i have ever seen.After seeing a lot of dry damaged hair to wow hair on ads,i decided to check on some of the products.The first thing i bought home was sunsilk conditioner for dry damaged hair.These are some of the products i tried and i have some ratings for them:

Rating out of 5

Sunsilk conditioner for dry damaged hair : 2/5
(didnt work at all)

loreal paris elvive: 3/5
(specially the one for coloured hair is good)

loreal professional absolute hair repair: 3/5
(i found the smell to be very strong,which didnt go well with my sensitive skin.yes hair and skin
are related!Also,the loreal professional products are related to hair fall for me.)

fab india avocado conditioner: 2/5
(didnt work much)

the body shop olive shampoo/conditioner: 3/5
(worked but not quite well)

the body shop honey shampoo: 2/5
(too heavy on my hair.smell is nice though)

the body shop honey conditioner: 4.5/5
(excellent conditioner,should try!,awesome smell too)

pantene for dry damaged: 3/5
(worked good)

pantene live in conditioner: 4.5/5
(excellent live in,leave strands smooth and untangled)

garnier dry/damaged: 3/5
(worked ok)

garnier fructis dry/damaged shampoo:4.5/5
(worked excellent)

body shop amlika live in conditioner:3/5
(the strong smell made me sneezing all day.maybe i am allergic to some ingredients)

dove dry hair shampoo: 3/5
(the strong smell again and not as good as i thought)
kerastase for dry /damaged
(havent tried,but heard its good,bit expensive though)

Here are Just a Few Ways a Shampoo can Affect Sensitive Skin:
· The pH of your skin can change, leading to other product interaction issues you never experienced. Look for pH balanced shampoos and other haircare products.
· Your skin’s surface oil layer (the sebum) can be removed. Without this layer to keep your skin’s natural moisture from evaporating off the surface, you may develop excessively dry skin.This also lead to an increased sensitivity to other products, as the chemicals can be more readily absorbed by your unprotected skin.
· Some shampoos can actually cause dandruff by interacting with the bacteria and yeasts already on your scalp.
· If you already have dry skin, certain detergents (like sodium lauryl sulfate) can provoke an allergy-like reaction called irritant contact dermatitis where your skin becomes red and chafed.
· The fragrances in the product can cause contact urticaria, an immediate redness, itching and swelling of the skin as well as an allergic reaction.
· Certain botanicals like chamomile, lavender and rose oil as well as preservatives like Kathon CG and quaternium-15 can all cause allergic reactions in individuals with sensitive and even normal skin

So,i thought why not trying to make an all repair homemade hair mask.

hair mask:

1) 1 ripe avocado(can get in retail stores like food bazar )

message your hair with oil and leave overnight.In the morning,mix curd and avocado in a grinder and apply after you have shampooed your hair with garnier fructis dry/damaged shampoo and conditioned with body shop honey conditioner.apply for 15 minutes,and wrap a hot towel on hair.wash off,with water.finally rinse with honey mixed with this for 1'll have your lustrous hair back.


Anti Ageing Masks

1)Cranberry Facial Mask Recipe

Cranberry is rich in vitamin C,tannin,flavonoids,vit k.

recipe:1 tsp honey
1 tsp yogurt
5-6 fresh cranberries
1 tbsp almond meal

mix together on face for 15 minutes,then rinse off.

2)soy facial mask recipe

soy has proteins and coenzyme q10 for youthful skin

recipe:handful of soybeans
1 tbsp whole milk cream

soak handful of soy overnight.grind in morning and mix with milk cream.apply for 15 minutes and then rinse off

3)avocado peanut facial mask recipe

avocado is rich in vit e and peanut in coenzyme q10.

recipe:6 tbsp ripe mashed avocado
1 tsp peanut oil

mix together and apply for 15 minutes.rinse off.

4)pomegranate facial mask

Dry and powder the skin of pomegranate to make a paste with rose water or lime juice or mint juice or yogurt and apply over your face.

rinse after 15 minutes.


Neutrogena sunblock and pantene leavein Review

Though my favourite sunscreen is neutrogena fine fairness and clarins.I thought on trying something new on my very sensitive skin.Clarins is expensive for the small bottle of sunscreen which lasts for 2 months,whereas cant find neutrogena fine fairness sunblock in market.

Neutrogena sensitive skin sunblock is a very good sunblock containing 9% titanium dioxide.Though it is not easily absorbed on the darker skin types.If you have medium to fair complexion,it suits you well.Though its a bit thick,it is far better than other sunscreens in market in terms of price and value.I apply it daily with rose water and my skin has become clean and it tans less.Clarins is a sunscreen with very light texture and can be applied before makeup too.It doesnt leave your face cakey,so its best for dark skin to medium skin tones.

I have also tried this week pantene repair and care,which i found better than any of the leave in conditioners available in market.It makes your damaged hair smooth,easy to comb.And the effect lasts till the next rinse.Since my skin is allergic to perfumes,i got rashes with this product,but the effect on my hair was awesome.Try this product for smooth silky and straight hair.

Coming up next:anti ageing home remedies,get glued!

Home Remedies For Swine Flu

"Tulsi can control swine flu and it should be taken in fresh form. Juice or paste of at least 20-25 medium sized leaves should be consumed twice a day on an empty stomach." This increases the resistance of the body and, thereby, reduces the chances of inviting swine flu."

If you've contracted swine flu,this helps in speedy recovery.

However,There is no sure home remedies for swine flu. Consult your doctor if you have any symptoms immediately.

Symptoms of swine flu

The symptoms of swine flu are similar to those of regular human flu. They include fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills, and extreme fatigue. Some people may experience diarrhea and vomiting. Although most people have recovered on their own, some people with severe illness have gone on to develop pneumonia or respiratory failure, and a small number have died as a result of the infection.

Listed below are some of the remedies for treating swine flu:

1)Wash Your Hands:

It is believed that swine flu virus can get into the inside of your body through the mouth and nose. Regular washing of your hands, especially before a meal, with soap and luke warm water can prevent this. Alternately, you can also wear hand gloves before touching anything directly so as not to get infected.

2)Cover Your Nose and Mouth:

If someone is sneezing or coughing near you, you may want to cover your nose and mouth with the inside of your palms or with your hanky. Alternately, you can wear face mask before going outside. These can prevent the virus to get entry into your system.
Drink Lemon Balm Tea: Experts believe that the anti-viral property of lemon balm can treat swine flu. You can drink lemon balm tea twice every day.

3)Chew Fresh Garlic Cloves:

Garlic is considered an effective antiviral. Fresh garlic cloves (2-3) can be chewed once everyday.

4)Steam Inhalation:

It is also suggested that steam inhalation with eucalyptus or chamomile thrice a day can relieve from congestion from the lungs. This can help in alleviating swine flu symptoms.

Mango Facial At Home

Mango is packed full of beneficial antioxidants to keep your skin looking smooth and young, and helping to prevent its destruction .The mango provides natural fruit enzymes and makes the mask smell great.

So,here's the recipe for you

Mango Face Pack


1/4 medium mango,peeled and deseeded

2 tbsps finely powdered oats

2 tbsps finely powdered almonds

2 tbsps heavy milk cream(for dry skin),milk(for normal skin),yogurt(for acne and sensitive skin)


Combine all ingredients together in a small food processor and process for about 1 minute until smooth and creamy. Add a bit of distilled water or hydrosol if mixture is too thick to spread on the skin; add some more finely powdered oats if it is too runny.To use, pat gently over clean face and neck skin and relax for about 15 minutes. Rinse well and follow with toner and moisturizer of choice.

Mango Body Butter


1)Measure the cocoa butter, shea butter, mango butter, wheat germ oil, apricot kernel oil, vitamin E and beeswax in a small microwave safe bowl.

2)Melt the mixture on high for 1 minute at a time until the ingredients have melted. With the microwave on low setting, heat it for 2 to 3 more minutes, but don't allow it to boil.

3)Remove the bowl from the microwave and stir until the ingredients are thoroughly blended.

4)Let the mango butter cool for several hours, and then stir it again.

5)Add the essential oil before the mango butter has a chance to completely set up, and stir it to blend the scent.

6)Spoon the mango body butter into the jars or tins, and store it in a dark, cool place, or in the refrigerator.

Products Available:

The Body Shop Mango Body Butter


Hair Pack for hair straightening

How to naturally straighten your hair?

Hair Pack


1 cup multani mitti(fuller's earth)
5 tsp rice flour
1 egg white


By adding water to the ingredients make a loose paste. Before applying this, give a light oil massage on hair. Then apply the hair straightening pack. First using a wide toothed combed hair down and apply this pack. Again combing few times in between pack is fine. Keep the hair as straight as possible by combing. Keep it like this till the pack dries well. After 30 min. approx wash it or rinse it off.If you want you can add amla and shikakai powder. This will act as a nourishment to hair.Apply this homemade hair straightening pack once in a week for about few months.

Grandma's recipe:

Squeeze matured coconut until the milk fills up a glass. Mix with lime juice. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator until the top becomes creamy. Use the cream to massage on scalp and hair, then wrap with a hot towel for 1 hour before rinsing. Repeat 3x a week. Your hair will gradually straighten.

Products Avaibale:
1)Bed Head:Control Freak
2)Herbal Essence Pin Straight
3)Wella Hair Straightening range

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