Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sunscreen for babies

Baby sunscreen

Always choose a sunscreen that is suitable for babies as these tend to be gentle on the skin.
Only apply sunscreen to the parts of your baby's body that are exposed to the sun.
Check that your baby won't have any type of reaction to the sunscreen by testing it on a small area of skin before applying it. In case of babies, make sure to use a sunscreen with an SPF between 20 and 30.

For best sun protection:

1)Always apply sunscreen 20 minutes before you need it to work.

2)Be generous with your application of sunscreen - while you don't want her to look like a snowman in her sunscreen, it will only do its job if it has been properly applied.

3)Sunscreens can easily be wiped and sweated off so reapply your baby's sunscreen every two hours, regardless of what that bottle says.

Some Tips

If your baby ends up rubbing sunscreen into her eyes, it is advisable to wipe his/her eyes and hands clean, with the help of a damp cloth. In case his/her eyes starts watering, become red or he/she tries to touch them time and again, it might be that his/her eyes are burning. In this case, wash his/her face immediately, even splashing some water in his/her eyes. Next time, try a different brand of sunscreen, preferably one with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.

Products Available:

1)johnson and johnson sunscreen

2) Avons children's factor 50

3)Nivea Kids sunscreen

4)Aloe Vera sunscreen

5)copper tone white babies sunscreen


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