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French Braid Headband

A French braid headband is just what it sounds like. To create one you French braid a small section of hair on the front of the head and use it as a headband to keep your hair or bangs out of your face. Read on to figure out how to do this cute and simple style.


1)Begin with tangle-free clean hair. If you have straight or wavy hair this will work best with dry hair. If you have curly hair that cannot be brushed when it is dry, try braiding your hair wet. However be very gentle as the hair has a tendency to "snap" more easily when it is wet.

2)Part your hair to either side. You can part it down the middle and do a French braid on both sides, but to create a headband effect you should really part it on the side.

3)Create a part for the hair you want to be in the headband, using a comb, pencil, pointy end of a makeup brush, fingernail, or something similar. Begin two to three inches back on the part, and make sure to have a nice rectangular section of hair. You are going to be braiding the larger section of hair at least (versus the other side of your part).

4)If you're going to put your hair up into a bun or pony tail, end about two inches above your ear and then move forward to create a nice right corner.

5)If you're going to wear your hair down, end at your ear. Put the hair that will not be braided (the majority of it) into a pony tail or clip. Just make sure it wont get in the way as you are braiding. Use a loose pony tail if you are going to wear your hair down so that you don't create a lump/crease.

6)Begin French braiding. Starting at the part section off a small rectangular piece and separate it into three pieces. Cross the rightmost over the center. Then add some hair to what used to be the rightmost strand (now center) from the right side. Cross the leftmost over the center. Then add some hair to what used to be the leftmost strand (now center) from the left side.

7)Continue French braiding until you've used all the loose hair in the braid. Once you're done with that braid the rest of the hair with a normal braid and secure it at the end with an elastic.
Finish it up. At this point you can also choose to braid the hair on the other side of your part. Do the following depending on your hair style that day:

8)Bun: Gather your hair into a ponytail, including the braid(s). If the braid becomes bumpy when you put it up, try twisting or bobby pinning it. Once you have secured your ponytail with an elastic, twist the tail and wrap it around the base of the ponytail. Then pin or use another elastic to hold the bun place. Apply hairspray or gel as desired and you're done!

9)Down: For a quick fix just pin the braid(s) back from your face with a bobby pin or clip. To make it quite literally a headband bring the ends of the braid behind your head and under your hair. Then tie them together with an elastic.

You can also start on one ear and braid all the way to the other one. To do so brush your hair straight back and section off a section at the front of your hair from ear to ear. Then braid the section and secure with an elastic as normal. This will take more time than braiding just one side of a part however.

This style does not have to be perfect, especially if you have layers that stick out.

You want to make your braid firm so it doesn't flop around, but don't make it too tight. You don't want to have to stop wearing this style because you're giving yourself headaches!

How to make a French Braid Headband

Side French Braid


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