Monday, July 13, 2009

The Cherry And Yogurt face mask

Hi All,

I bought cherries to eat.Then I thought since cherries contain high amount of antioxidants for body,why cant it be used as a face,here's what I tried,

mix in a blender 20 fresh red cherries with 6 tablespoon skimmed yogurt.

I applied this face mask for 15 minutes and within no time,my face glowed.Now I apply it everyday,and it is extremely helpful to my tanned sensitive skin.Not only does it makes it soft,it just adds to a perfect glow.

Another thing I tried this weekend was coffeeberry products.Although I was searching was revaleskin coffeeberry products,I bumped into a new brand "The Natures Co.".

I bought this amazing coffee face scrub.Though I was a bit sceptical of applying this on my senstive skin,this is the most amazing scrub I have ever used.It leaves you with a smell of coffee.

And leaves your skin super soft.

So one day,I applied aloe juice for one hour,scrubbed my face with the nature's co. scrub and applied the face mask of cherry and yogurt.I just washed my face with plain water and slept.The next morning I had the most amazing skin.I am addicted to using it everyday.

Another great mask I have tried was fab india coral glow face mask.Combined with yogurt,this makes your skin fair in 1-2 months if applied daily.Though you wont be able to see the instant results.

The best way to get rid of acne is using shernaz hussain 's sha clove.This one actually works.If applied with shaderm on pimples and acne,it helps remove scars as well.

This is All I have tried,and tested and some products do amazing work,coming up with updates soon.

PS: Interestingly not every brand of curd works on my skin ,for Delhi it was Britannia low fat curd ,and for Bangalore its Heritage.This is rather funny,but then this is how it is for me ;)Not using for a while now,though I still cherish those oh that smooth face in Delhi and the Glow.


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