Friday, July 3, 2009

Fabulous hair and how?

Qn 1 . Your coloured hair doesn’t look all that glam any more. How do you retain its colour and shine?

Wash your hair in tepid water; follow up with suitable conditioning products. Brush your hair for that shine: brushing de-tangles hair and makes it look great. It massages your scalp and spreads the natural oils over the hair shafts, accelerating the growth of new hair. The best way to brush is to start with the hair ends. Detangle them and then brush through the hair. Always be gentle to avoid extra stress on hair.

You have to use the right products. I’d recommend the Chroma Riche range from Kerastase. You can follow it up with a leave-in serum.

Qn2.You’re a shampoo addict, and wash your hair every single day. How do you minimise damage, if any?

Shampooing cleans hair, restores vitality and helps to make it shine. Frequent shampooing is good for hair as long as you use a mild shampoo and then condition.Conditioning is mandatory after every shampoo, especially if you have medium to long hair. On an average, hair should be shampooed and conditioned thrice a week. If shampooing is an addiction, make sure you condition.

Qn3. You alternate between your freezing air-conditioned office and the hot outdoors. And now your scalp is feeling dry and itchy-all the signs of an impending dandruff attack. What now?

Use an effective anti-dandruff shampoo, and stick to it. Switching between a cosmetic formulation and an anti-dandruff product reduces the effectiveness of anti-fungal actives and could leave you with flakes and bad odour.If it’s just dryness (and that itchy feeling could be a result of this, not necessarily dandruff), then use a hydrating shampoo and treat your scalp to regular hydrating treatments.

If your problem is dandruff, I’d recommend Wella’s SP Remove Shampeeling treatment (intensive) and the leave-in Remove lotion.

Qn4.You use styling mousse, hair spray, hair wax-all of it. And then top it off with a flat iron or curling rod. You’re scared your hair might start to rebel. Or worse, just give up and die. What do you do?

For a smooth, healthy look, post the heavy-duty styling and use of curling irons, apply olive oil or almond oil to your hair for at least 30 minutes and leave it. Wash your hair, and style as usual.Never ever use a flat iron or curling tongs on wet or damp hair. Apply a protective serum before you style your hair. As for styling products, make sure you know what each product is for and how it’s used.

If you regularly blow-dry, flat-iron or curl your hair, then a product that gives your hair protection from heat, like the Kerastase Ciment Thermique, is a must.

Qn5.Your hair looks greasy the day after you washed it and you’re scared you’ve got an oil tank below the scalp. What do you do?

Oily hair is shiny enough, so avoid using hair gloss gel or shiny hair-care products. Don’t brush oily hair frequently-it can actually cause the scalp to produce more oil. Also do not use conditioner at all, or use conditioner only on the ends of the hair.Definitely seek professional help. Ask for the right in-salon treatment or home care products.

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