Monday, July 27, 2009

Naturence Choco Wine Facial Kit part 1

This is not a review.Review is going to follow in next post.I went to buy for myself,neutrogena fine fairness spf 30,instead i found the drug store packed with neutrogena oil free moisturizer spf 15 and ultra dry sheer sunblock.I have tried both of them before and it kind of didnt suit me.I found the texture of ultra dry sunblock,very thin,but,it resulted in eruptions of acne.And oil free moisturizer didnt suit me well too.Though both of the sunscreens have been used by my roomies and they had no problems with them.I found fine fairness the best sunscreen for sensitive skin.

When i couldnt find my favourite sunscreen,i looked upon the racks and found something interesting "choco wine" facial kit by naturence.I havent heard this brand name so was bit sceptical,but i decided to buy the product.

When i came back home,i searched on net for the brand naturence and found the below

it seems to be some kind of brand,which sells ayurvedic products.

So,today is my day to try the product.The next review would be how it turned out to be.In between i tried the body shop bilberry shampoo,and it turned to be great for my coloured hair.I have also tried the fab india avocado conditioner and it seems to be ok,not too gud and not too bad.


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  2. Yep same here jasmin,I love the smell and its good for the skin too :)

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