Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hair Pack for damaged Hair

After perming my hair twice and colouring it thrice,i had the most brittle hair i have ever seen.After seeing a lot of dry damaged hair to wow hair on ads,i decided to check on some of the products.The first thing i bought home was sunsilk conditioner for dry damaged hair.These are some of the products i tried and i have some ratings for them:

Rating out of 5

Sunsilk conditioner for dry damaged hair : 2/5
(didnt work at all)

loreal paris elvive: 3/5
(specially the one for coloured hair is good)

loreal professional absolute hair repair: 3/5
(i found the smell to be very strong,which didnt go well with my sensitive skin.yes hair and skin
are related!Also,the loreal professional products are related to hair fall for me.)

fab india avocado conditioner: 2/5
(didnt work much)

the body shop olive shampoo/conditioner: 3/5
(worked but not quite well)

the body shop honey shampoo: 2/5
(too heavy on my hair.smell is nice though)

the body shop honey conditioner: 4.5/5
(excellent conditioner,should try!,awesome smell too)

pantene for dry damaged: 3/5
(worked good)

pantene live in conditioner: 4.5/5
(excellent live in,leave strands smooth and untangled)

garnier dry/damaged: 3/5
(worked ok)

garnier fructis dry/damaged shampoo:4.5/5
(worked excellent)

body shop amlika live in conditioner:3/5
(the strong smell made me sneezing all day.maybe i am allergic to some ingredients)

dove dry hair shampoo: 3/5
(the strong smell again and not as good as i thought)
kerastase for dry /damaged
(havent tried,but heard its good,bit expensive though)

Here are Just a Few Ways a Shampoo can Affect Sensitive Skin:
· The pH of your skin can change, leading to other product interaction issues you never experienced. Look for pH balanced shampoos and other haircare products.
· Your skin’s surface oil layer (the sebum) can be removed. Without this layer to keep your skin’s natural moisture from evaporating off the surface, you may develop excessively dry skin.This also lead to an increased sensitivity to other products, as the chemicals can be more readily absorbed by your unprotected skin.
· Some shampoos can actually cause dandruff by interacting with the bacteria and yeasts already on your scalp.
· If you already have dry skin, certain detergents (like sodium lauryl sulfate) can provoke an allergy-like reaction called irritant contact dermatitis where your skin becomes red and chafed.
· The fragrances in the product can cause contact urticaria, an immediate redness, itching and swelling of the skin as well as an allergic reaction.
· Certain botanicals like chamomile, lavender and rose oil as well as preservatives like Kathon CG and quaternium-15 can all cause allergic reactions in individuals with sensitive and even normal skin

So,i thought why not trying to make an all repair homemade hair mask.

hair mask:

1) 1 ripe avocado(can get in retail stores like food bazar )

message your hair with oil and leave overnight.In the morning,mix curd and avocado in a grinder and apply after you have shampooed your hair with garnier fructis dry/damaged shampoo and conditioned with body shop honey conditioner.apply for 15 minutes,and wrap a hot towel on hair.wash off,with water.finally rinse with honey mixed with this for 1'll have your lustrous hair back.


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  2. Thanks Provillus.I came up with few other articles on glowing skin,mango facial etc etc do check them out :)

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