Monday, January 23, 2012

Homemade Bleach For glowing skin:Products

The regular use of the bleach effects you in the long run,but we all use it from time to time.Instead we can make our own homemade bleach that work wonders for your skin,it might not give you instant result,but it will surely help you with retaining your skin texture and elasticity and of course in long you'd have a smooth glowing skin.Do not forget to use sunscreen daily to avoid getting tanned.

 -Mix nutmeg powder,curd and multani mitti for initial 15 days:You'll see a difference in your skin.I've tried it,and make it a habit to use it daily.

 -Mix mashed cherries and curd,help smoothen skin and bleach as well.Yoghurt is a natural bleaching agent.

 -For those who are not allergic to using lemons on their skin,lemons dont suit most of the sensitive skin types.Use lemon and local honey for the bleach with the glow.

 -My mom's recipe for glowing and clean skin: Boil few dry orange peels in water,let it soften and then use the soft wet peels back and forth on your face.

 -If you've dry skin,use equal parts of honey and almond soaked over night.

 -If you've dry skin,2 tbsp gram flour, 1/2 tsp lemon, 1/2 tsp milk cream, plus a pinch of turmeric.

For instant effect(might be harmful)

 -1 tbsp bleaching powder, ½ tbsp hydrogen peroxide, plus a few drops ammonia.

 -2 tsp fuller's earth, 1 tsp 20 volumes peroxide, 6 drops of ammonia.

Products available in the market:

 -Try Kaya Skin Radiance at their outlets

 -Try Estee Lauder skin brightening range/advanced night repair/cyber white range,works wonders!

 -Try Meladerm Cream  

 -Try body shop skin whitening range

Best Sunscreen available:

 -Neutrogena sunscreens

 -Cetaphil sunscreen

 -clarins sunscreen
 -shiseido sunscreen


  1. Quite informative. home remedies r always admirable.. will try it for sure :)

  2. Great informative post!! I like home remedies! :)

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