Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Grow And Thicken Your Lashes And Brows

Beautiful eyebrows is an extremely important part of your image.A woman's brow is supposed to FRAME the face and be the widest part of her face. It's supposed to form a "V," the brow being wide, then going down to the nose, then the lip being the bottom point of the "V."

If you have inherited sparse eyebrows or your beautician have overplucked the brows,here are ways to thicken your brows and lashes.

home remedies:

1)Use vaseline every night.It sounds silly,but it is true that vaseline applied to your brow area at night can help brows to regrow.After cleansing your face at night,lightly dab vaseline on your thin eyebrows to stimulate hair growth.

2)Use olive oil every night.

3)Use 1 or 2 drops of castor oil every night.Do it for 15 days,if that doesnt work for you switch to good old vaseline.castor oil doesnt suit everyone.

Products Effective:

1)Talika Lipolics Lash and brows conditioning gel.

2)Rogaine,to be used only under medical supervision.

Alternate Ways:

1)Use Brow Pencil: This is a simple way of enhancing eyebrows temporarily and naturally.

2)Permanent Make Up:If you want permanently beautiful brows,get hold of talented make up artist you can relate to and get permanent make up done for brows.

3)permanent hair replacement:this is administerd by make up artists and cosmetologists.

Basic Eyebrows Tutorial


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