Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Natural Skin Tonics

Rose Water Mix rose essence in water and shake thoroughly. Two tablespoons essence of roses is sufficient for 41/2 litres purified water.

Gypsy Rose Water Take 2 handfuls of dark, scented rose petals and put them into a jar or a wide topped bottle. Now put I litre of water and 200 gms. of sugar into the bottle or jar. Keep this mixture for 2 hours, shake again, then strain and store it in a cool place.

Rose Water and Witch-Hazel Tonic Mix 3 4 cup rosewater and 1/2 cup witch-hazel. Flower and Herb TonicMix 2 tablespoons of dried herbs of flowers or 3 handfuls of fresh ones to a pint of water. Pour the boiling water over the herbs and cover the pan to prevent steam from being lost. Let the herbs steep for a couple of hours. Strain and bottle.

Marigold Skin Tonic Mix 2 tablespoons of dried flower of 3 handfuls of fresh ones to a pint of water. Now add 2 tablespoons of witch-hazel. It is good especially for a greasy and spotty skin. Hollyhock Skin TonicPut 3 tablespoons of hollyhock leaves into half a pint of boiling water. Cover and simmer gently for five minutes. Leave to stand for half an hour, then strain and it is ready for use.

Elder Flower Water Wash about a handful of elder flower and mix 6 tablespoons of boiling water into a large jar. Let them steep overnight, and strain it the next day.

Vinegar Tonic To make a vinegar tonic, mix the following ingredients and leave them to stand for at least seven days, shaking the bottle twice daily. Strain before use.1/2 cup cider vinegar (or wine)1/2 teaspoon cloves1 tablespoon lavender1 tablespoon rose petals1 tablespoon rosemary, androsewater or orange - flower water.

Cucumber Tonic Wash and liquidize half peeled cucumber. Put the juice in a saucepan, bring it to boil and simmer it for five minutes. Cool and strain it, then add I tablespoon of witch-hazel to every 2 tablespoons of the cooked cucumber juice. Store the juice in the refrigerator.

Orange and Lemon Tonic Put one slice of orange, half lemon and two tablespoons of castor sugar into a pan with a cup of milk. Heat the mixture to near boiling point. When it cools, it is ready for use. Store it in the fridge.

Apple Tree Bark Tonic Infuse 4 tablespoons of apple tree bark in 2 cups of boiling water. Add about 1 tablespoon of sage, and apply this to the face and neck


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