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Why Hair Fall?

1)Hormonal imbalance in men and women: In men high concentration of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in hair follicles causes hair fall. In women hormonal imbalances during pregnancy and after delivery cause hair fall.
2)Inadequate nutrition causes hair fall.
3)Stress, worry, lack of sleep, worry and anxiety cause hair fall
4)Long standing diseases like typhoid, viral infections, anemia, surgery etc cause general debility which lead to hair fall
5)Some medicines used for gout, chemo therapy of cancer, birth control pills, antidepressants etc cause hair fall
6)Diseases like lupus, diabetes cause hair fall.
7)Tying hair tightly pulls the hair from follicles and cause traction alopecia.
8)Heredity also causes hair fall.
9)Dandruff or Fungal infection of scalp.
10)Accumulation of dirt on scalp causes blocking of pores and weakens hair roots. This leads to hair fall
11)Excessive Alcohol Consumption.

Products Available:

2)Kerastase hair care range--maybe Specifique range or Nutritive
3)body shop coconut oil conditioner
4)vatika oil

Home Remedies:

1)Rubbing of scalp

A vigorous rubbing of the scalp with fingers after washing the hair with cold water is one of the most effective among the several home remedies for the prevention and treatment of hair loss. The scalp should be rubbed vigorously till it starts to tingle with the heat. It will activate the sebaceous glands and energise the circulation of blood in the affected area, making the hair grow healthy.

2)Using amla oil

Amla oil, prepared by boiling dry pieces of amla in coconut oil, is considered a valuable hair tonic for enriching hair growth. A mixture of an equal quantity of fresh amla juice and lime juice, used as a shampoo also stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss.

3)Using lettuce

Lettuce is useful in preventing hair loss. A mixture of lettuce and spinach juice is believed to help the growth of hair if taken to the extent to half a litre a day

4)Using mustard oil and henna leaves

Mustard oil, boiled with henna leaves, is useful for healthy growth of hair. About 250 ml of mustard oil should be boiled in a tin basin. About sixty grams of henna leaves should be gradually put in this oil till they are burnt in the oil. The oil should then be filtered using a cloth and stored. Regular massage of the head with the oil will produce abundant hair.

5)Using coconut milk

The application of coconut milk all over the scalp and massaging it into the hair roots is also beneficial in the treatment of hair loss. It nourishes the hair and promotes hair growth. Coconut milk is prepared by grinding the coconut shavings and squeezing them well.

6)Using onion

Onion has also been found beneficial in patchy baldness. The affected part should be rubbed with onions morning and evening till it is red. It should be rubbed with honey afterwards.

7)Using Castor oil

Smear castor oil on the scalp and the hair roots but not on the hair, wrap the hair with a newspaper, tie with a cloth and leave overnight, wash in the morning. Repeat every 7-10 days (results will come after 6-7 treatments).

8)Using Olive oil

Mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil, rosemary, 1 lemon juice and 1 egg yolk. Apply on the hair roots for half an hour and wash off.


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