Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Make Up Tips To Reduce Dark Circles

While you're waiting for your under eye dark circles to fade, hide them with foundation or concealer before heading to a party.However if you have time and want prolonged results,go for some home remedies and products in the market.Also given here is the perfect choice of concealers, the right step procedures and other eye products to help you own a flawless skin.


Dark Circles Are Very Common these days.Causes of under eye circles are 1) hereditory 2)lack of sleep 3)smoking 4)stress 5)allergies.


Concealers are created with a denser composition and perfectly designed for their intended use. They are designed for small area coverage and are not the makeup product for full face application Foundation alone cannot be enough to cover your dark under eye circles as it is transparent. A quality concealer with a dry texture last the longest as the cream base can adhere to your skin. A liquid concealer tends to melt if the temperatures rise. Under Eye Concealers are available in formulas and consistencies that range from stick, cream, airbrush, pencil, and waterproof.

Colour Choice:

Trying to hide the circles under a light shade of concealer will create a white mask. That will not reduce the shadows but emphasize the dark area, instead of concealing them. Your skin tone will be your guide as to which shade of concealer will best suit you. It is safe to go one half to one shade lighter than your under eye circles. A golden toned concealer such as will counteract the blue-purple tones and look the most natural for you. Dark circle you can go with dropping down one full shade lighter but you will have to be much more cautious with blending when you apply


To hide dark under eye circles, select a cosmetic under-eye concealer that's one shade lighter than the foundation you're using.Begin with a freshly washed and exfoliated face. Dab concealer under your eyes gently, using a soft circular motion. Apply foundation up to the concealer and blend the two shades together gently, using a circular motion to cover dark under eye circles. Finish with a dusting of untinted face powder.

Concealers Available in Market:

MAC studio finish concealer

Loreal Visible Lift Under Eye Concealer

Revlon Colorstay under eye concealer

Products Available for long use:

Garnier caffeine roll on pen

loreal under eye cream

oriflame seeing is believing

Home remedies:

cucumber juice,potato juice


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