Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mineral Makeup!

A "new" makeup discovery that's been around for 30 years is taking the cosmetic industries by storm.Mineral makeup is the latest addition to an emerging beauty culture dedicated to better living. Unlike traditional products, mineral makeup, which is based on a hypoallergenic loose powder that naturally nourishes the skin, contains no perfumes, talc, alcohol, dyes, mineral oil or preservatives.

Why we should use mineral makeup?

1)Good for sensitive skin:Most women struggle with acne,allergies,dryness,clogged pores due to commercial makeup.Mineral makeup lets you enhance skin care with positive beauty choices, not create more problems

2)Doesnt Feel like mask:The texture of mineral make up is light and fine.Even with makeup,it helps skin breathe.

3)Natural look and feel. Stays on all day long.

4)It's anti-inflammatory and No harmful ingredients.

Mineral makeup is a great alternative for chemical makeup. Using pure natural mineral makeup every time will make a huge difference to your skin. so if you use makeup, make sure it is mineral makeup.


Mineral makeup mostly contains triple-milled minerals like titanium, gold, zinc, magnesium and aluminum naturally relax, refresh and rejuvenate the skin, and offer a genuine beauty solution in the comfort of home

Products Available:

1)Revlon colorstay mineral makeup
2)loreal minerals
3)mary kay mineral makeup


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