Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Acne-home remedies,homeopathy,aloepathy,ayurvedic solutions

acne mainly affects the youth.acne should be cured as the face doesnt look clear with acne marks.acne can be mainly due to hormonal changes in men and women ,excessive intake of spicy foods,less intake of water,not washing face after excessive exercise ,impurity of blood etc.

home remedies:

1)make a paste of 2 almonds,1 tsp camphor,1 cup rose water,3 gm chandan pwdr.apply on face twice daily.

2)apply tomato juice on face.test on elbow area for sensitive facial skin before applying this.

3)apply red sandalwood pwdr,nutmeg and black pepper pwdr on acne.

4)apply paste made of multani mitti,a little mehndi pwdr,one dried amla

5)apply cucumber juice twice a day on face

6)apply honey with onion juice on face.

7)apply curd with raddish juice on face.

8)apply aspirin with water and honey.wash off after 15 minutes.apply with honey only when it suits you.test on elbow before.add aloe vera if honey doesnt suit you.

9)apply aloe vera juice with turmeric for clear skin


1)drink warm water with lemon daily.

2)everyday during bath,make splash of water on face and dont towel dry.let it dry naturally.

3)make splashes of neem water several times a day


1)if acne appears for the first time,take द्युजेनिया जैम्बोस (digenia jambos)

2)if acne gets white,take हिपेर सुलफ।(heper sulph)

3)if you havc pus filled acne take antium tart.

biochemical medicines

1)if acne occurs due to impurity of blood,take calcarea phos 6x.

2)if acne occurs in youth,take calcarea fluor 3x,calcarea phos 12x and silicia 12x

3)if acne pains when touched and leaves mark after sumdays take kali myur 3x or 6x.

4)to cure every kind of acne take calcarea phos 3x 4 times a day.

aloepathic treatment

apply the following medicines on acne

1)persol forte

2)acnesol lotion

3)erytop cream

4)erkamel cream

products available

dermalogica acne kit

neutrogena acne clearing gel

clinique acne solutions.


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